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Intuitive Musical Creativity



The musical influences where Claudio Nucci built his style and repertoire has been built by listening to music of various styles, learning by “imitation”, i.e., playing by ear the songs he was used to listen in family parties, looking other players and asking for tips to amateur and professional musicians, in order to play a chord, an expression, an instrument. Only years after he started to learn formal music.

Therefore, the workshop Nucci proposes is based on this process: practice before theory. First, perception, then emission, without loosing this perception of “listening with awareness”. He focuses on the act of composing with a look-listen process that does not mythicize the song writer. He bring up the ear memories of attendees to mix melodic cells without ceremony, in order to build musical themes with fluence and spontaneity.

Creative experience: do, experiment and, then, analyze and conceptualize.

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