With Moyseis Marques
Vicente Nucci
Production Staff
With Felipe Cerquize
School Music Group
Semente Group
1970s musicians friends
With Juca Filho
Boca Livre and Edu Lobo
Boca Livre 1978
"Via Brasil" show
NY SOB's 1987
Partners from the begining.
Ada Luísa Pires draw
"Vou Vivendo" show
Playing Takamine
School reminds...
With Luiz Fernando Gonçalves
With Zé Renato
Zé Renato & Claudio Nucci's show
With Danilo Caymmi
Danilo Caymmi and Claudio Nucci
Bottle's Bar show
With Dri Gonçalves and Marcos Ariel
With Dri and Giovanni Bizzotto
With Nico Resende
Sao Paulo's rehearsal
On stage with Dri Gonçalves
Rehearsal with Tavito
With Tavito
Cancoes&Historias show
On stage, with Tavito
ZIL Group
"Bicicleta" Recording
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